Is this thing on??

Welcome! If this is the first visit to my site, you’re probably noticing a BIG GAP between posts. It’s close to the size of the Grand Canyon. If you used to be a regular reader, you may have noticed the lack of blogging … or maybe not! I’ve stopped posting on Facebook and other social media. It’s nothing out of the ordinary, it’s just life and working to reevaluate priorities.

You see, next year will be my tenth year of freelancing full-time. Ten years of self-employment … it’s hard to believe! What’s really crazy is that when I started, my oldest was eight and now she’s finishing her junior year of high school. She drives and the reality of college is setting in. My “baby girl” is 8.5 and my boys are growing like weeds. We aren’t different from any other family. We are active in our church, our school, community, sports and dance. My “leftover” time used to be spent blogging and on social media. I’ve come to the realization that any extra time needs to be spent soaking up my family. It’s as simple as that. My grandmother passed away in the fall at the amazing age of 93! She was a woman who truly lived for her family. If she taught me anything, it was that less is more. Life is less about the distractions and more about the people you love.

I’m still designing and working full-time. I work for both photographers and corporations. I also teach a few yoga classes a week. I received my 200-hour certification last fall. I love it! It’s a great balance when you work at a computer all day, not only for health reasons, but it’s important to be to have those more personal, face-to-face relationships with people. Less about technology, more about people … thank you, Grandma!

If you are interested in a design project, whether it be logos, corporate identity, marketing pieces or blog customization, please feel free to email me []. I have a few spots available for summer work. In a perfect world, I’d update my site and portfolio. We’ll see how that goes. I’m not holding my breath! 🙂

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