The Super Set

Happy Wednesday! I’m channeling my inner nerd over at Rock The Shot today. It’s a short and easy read, but it might help you out if you’re starting to think about your logo design. It’s all about the vector goodness!

Kristy emailed me one day about working on her project. She had a logo that she loved, but needed a marketing set to pull everything else together. She dreamed of having the Kristy O Super Set. Sounded awesome to me! One day the mailman handed me the package Kristy had mailed with all sorts of samples and inspiration goodness. I felt like a kid in a candy store. Kind of lame since it was mainly color swatches but I’m slightly obsessed with touchy-feely samples. Behold the Kristy O Super Set! Love it Kristy!!

Thank you to all who made donations to the Price family. So far, over $1300 was raised and sent to the family. You can still grab those if you’d like! Another photographer is holding an auction this week. It ends Friday, but I noticed all kinds of beanies, cocoons and props for newborns. Just thought I’d pass that info along. Sending out proofs and responding to lots of emails. I’m a little under the weather but convincing myself I’m not. It’s either me or my computer, but someone is moving a little slower today. 🙂 Have a great week!

Clair - This one has so many interesting elements. I love it. Congrats, Kristi and another job wonderfullly done, Kim!

Amanda Padgett - LOVE it, Kim! Gorgeous!!!

Kristy Omelianuk - Thanks Clair, and my hat is off to Kim. Awesome design. I love it and so does everyone who sees it. Started getting some pieces printed and can’t wait to get them all done. Maybe I’ll be back in a few months with some more requests. I can’t get enough 😉

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