Welcome to Thursday! It’s one of those days where the caffeine drip is installed and my thoughts are moving way faster than my hands. I survived a full 15 minutes of a Jillian Michael’s DVD last night and I swear even my eyebrows are sore. It’s all good! Let’s do something fun!

I reached the 2000 fans/likers mark on Facebook. Kind of crazy! I was trying to come up with a fun giveaway and honestly felt a little torn. I’m sure most of you are familiar with the devastating storms that have destroyed so many homes and businesses in our country this week. My heart breaks for these families. We were very lucky in St. Louis in that no one was seriously injured, but there is significant damage in the area.  The destruction and loss of lives in the southern states is simply awful. I’ve been thinking of my clients in Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi. My prayers are with you and your families.

Here’s what I’d like to do. This will be a quickie. Deadline is tomorrow morning … April 29, 10:00 CST. One person will receive $100 off your custom design OR $100 towards product in my Pink Ink Store. If we’re currently working on your project, you can still enter and use this towards your design. Easy enough! That same winner will also get to choose the Red Cross chapter of their choice. I will donate all proceeds of sales in my Pink Ink store to that particular Red Cross. Get it? Anything you purchase between now and 10am tomorrow will help storm, tornado, flood or even earthquake victims. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Winner will be drawn and announced tomorrow morning! I told you it was quick!!

Posting Lisa’s new set and logo and then I’m off to tackle that to-do list! Don’t forget to check back tomorrow.  Good luck to you and a big thank you. You all rock!

Sue K. - ooooh! Love this giveaway…esp. the donating part. 🙂

Tammy Pence - Kim~ You rock! I’d love to win so I can buy MORE custom pieces from you! 🙂 Also praying for the victims of the tornadoes yesterday…

Sheila Danuser {Beyond Beauty Photography} - love your designs! I’ve got a hard one to work with 🙁 – but I love what you’ve done with the one above!

Hannah - love love love the idea!!!

Kay B - What a great idea Kim! Looking forward to seeing the end product and helping some folks out in the process!!! 🙂

Kim Stubbs - Love LOVE what you do and youa re so talented. . . .what a awesome thing to do and prayers are with all the people who have been going through these storms!

Jen - Great idea!

Jennifer Medeiros - I love that you’re donating to the Red Cross. Therefore, I would be honored to be part of this giveaway!

Michelle Oakley - Love the giveaway and look forward to working with you! prayers go out to all the disaster victims!

Dawn Reichley - Love giveaways! Such a great idea!

Amanda Brunngraeber - Congratulations on 2000! Also, love the newest logo and design. (Can’t wait until my turn!!!) Thanks for the giveaway and thank you for donating to a great cause.

Brandi Nunez - Love your designs!

Anja - Great idea! I will spread the word on facebook

Brittany Busk - Aagh, I have been wanting to use your services for so long and unable to afford them!!!! Hopefully this will help me accomplish that! THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY! 🙂 Hugs, Brittany

Jeni - this is amazing! I’d love this chance to get custom work and give back to someone.

Jana - oh wow! what a fun creative giveaway! and a quick one…thank you for the chance!

Brooke {Brooke Bakken Photography} - you are so thoughtful and so amazing at what you do! it’s so refreshing to know there are good people in our world still! 🙂

Nina - I would be sending the donation to Alabama! So sad to read about it this morning!

Maureen - What an awesome contest! Please consider me entered! 😉

Lynette Weber - Your so thoughtful, here is my entry.

Vanessa Y - Fantastic giveaway, especially the donations. Thank YOU very much, this is one where even if we don’t get the prize, many will still win.

Bethany - Hi Kim,
Love seeing all your work and still love all my pieces. You are a very thoughtful person!.

Katie Crook - Wow…what a great cause. I live in Texas myself, and have been fortunate enough not to be affected by all the storms, but we have lots of friends who have been. THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT!

Debbie Herring - Great idea & very generous!

Jennifer Stewart - Sooo Awesome!! <3

sonya bitz - congrats on your 2000! that is wonderful! I love your designs as well and really love your donation skills! I hope you are able to donate lots…We are praying for those in need.

Shelly Loree - This is awesome Kim. I have family in the affected areas and thankfully no one was affected. It is truly amazing that you are doing so much to help these families.

Lori Michelle - You have a wonderful heart for donating <3
Congrats on the 2000 & you're work is amazing!

Anita Woo - Love this giveaway, esp donating. It is very generous of you! Hugs to all in the affected areas.

Bri - I think that is so awesome of you! Many prayers to those in need!

Liz - What a great giveaway! Thank you 🙂

Stacey - You are amazing. That is so wonderful of you to donate. And congrats on 2000 likers!

Trudy Wischropp - I can always throw down $100 with you! 🙂

Elizabeth Wilkinson - Love your work ! Thanks for the chance and you are doing such a great thing for other !

Jenn Petersen - Awesome! What a thoughtful thing to do!! Can’t wait for you to start working on my stuff, and would LOVE the $100 to put towards it!

Ashley - My heart breaks for those families. My sister was supposed to be flying into STL the day after the tornado struck. Mother nature hasn’t been kind this year.

Thanks for the giveaway.

Gina Dawson - Heartache has hit and I am hope your donation will bring relief to many. Thank you <3

Marcy - What an amazing giveaway! I love the donation to the Red Cross, you have such a giving spirit! Congrats on the 2000 likers. I am glad to hear that all is well in your area and many prayers go out to all the victims of this devastation. Thanks for all you do! 🙂

Brandy - What a great giveaway and great cause! Everyone affected is in my thoughts and prayers.

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