Winner Winner…

I hope everyone has been enjoying their weekend! So, I’ve done giveaways with hundreds of entries and then some with not so many. I’ll admit I felt a little silly when I saw the number of entries on this contest. However, it made it very easy to say EVERYONE wins and hoping that ups my cool factor a notch.

We’ve been perfecting number recognition skills with our preschooler. This was a great opportunity for my youngest to choose the winners via Bingo style! The winner of Exposed is B6 … Lauren … that’s you! Congrats!!

I’m going to mix up the rest and everyone else will either get a Starbucks card, Panera card or an electronic iTunes gift certificate. Please email me your addresses so I can send you the gift cards: Woo hoo! Hope this kicks off a fabulous week!

Lauren | Lauren Nicole Photography - Wow, thank you!! I’m super excited!! And, making everyone a winner kind of makes you Oprah. 🙂

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